Monday, February 1, 2010

Winter Fable

Looking at this piece now, on this frigid morning here in the northeast, lets me relive the process of making it. It began, along with the 6 other pieces in this series, with a simple monotype using some weeds baking in the sun outside of my studio. When I added the blue “pool” with watercolor I was not thinking of winter at all but rather something cool in the summer heat. The piece developed by gradually intensifying the color and adding as collage elements slivers of paper that read as “birds.” These bits of line and color began to create a world of their own and seemed to generate a narrative or an action. The choice of naming this piece a “fable” came from this sense of a hidden story or drama. The fascinating thing about making an image like this is that I’m able to let it grow as it will. The image begins to tell its own story and creates its own world. You can see the other six pieces in this series on my web site, Dianne Martin Art.

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SJF said...

Very nice Dianne!