Wednesday, December 5, 2007

The Newest Work

Two Birds in Eden, Storm in Eden, Afternoon in Eden, Morning in Eden, Darkness in Eden

My most recent series has to do with the Garden of Eden. The garden as a place in the imagination has a long history in art. These pieces are not meant to be descriptive in any way of the Garden of Eden in the Bible, but rather to invent for myself an imaginary, complex and compelling place.

The working process was much the same as in much of my earlier work, with all the prints being made at the same time from the same materials. I used real leaves, twigs, weeds, etc. directly on the press to make monotypes. These images were then developed one by one using many different materials including pastel, colored pencil and watercolor. Two of these images again include raised areas as part of the overall image.

Two Birds in Eden, handcolored monotype

Storm in Eden, handcolored monotype

Afternoon in Eden, handcolored monotype

Morning in Eden, handcolored monotype

Darkness in Eden, handcolored monotype